Thursday, June 25, 2009

Our Excitement for Today!!

As you can see, we had a fun morning. On the way to kickboxing, we apparently ran over this drill bit and somehow got it stuck in the side of the tire. Luckily, we were less than a block from the kickboxing place. The owner was awesome and offered to change the tire for me while I worked out! Love this place!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I'm currently waiting for Jeff to get back to the hotel room in Guam so we can have a Skype conversation. It has been great getting to see and talk to him this week. The girls have enjoyed showing daddy all the things they made at VBS and at home.

The first night we got to try Skype Jeff was playing with his webcam and I took snapshots. I've shared most of them on facebook. Here is my favorite! It reminds me of how much I miss his smile!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day! Jeff's boat is ported in Guam, so Father's Day was actually yesterday for him due to the international date line. He went diving at Gab Gab Beach so I think he had a good day. He also went and bought a webcam and woke up at 4am so we could see him this morning! Talk about devotion! We miss him so much, but seeing his face (although very tired) was great! Our old web camera wouldn't work so the girls and I went and bought one today. So hopefully tonight or tomorrow we will all get a chance to see each other and talk. We love you Jeff!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Goodbye Pictures...

I finally decided to look at the pictures from Jeff's farewell.

Jeff & the girls - you can see the USS Pasadena in the background

Jeff was topside for their transit out to sea. When I zoomed in on this photo, you can see Jeff has a big smile. His last smile that I will see for awhile :(

Here they are pulling away from the pier. The CO is pointing the way!

And finally going out to sea

Just us...

I was able to talk to Jeff again yesterday! Everyone is talking about Skype so we may have to try that at the next port.

Today the girls were planning for Halloween 2010! If the baby is a boy, they want to dress him up like Yoda and if it is a girl, then a cat. They do love planning for Halloween :)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Keeping Busy

We are keeping busy again. The girls have Vacation Bible School this week - Crocodile Dock is the theme. The girls absolutely love it and we even got the CD so they can sing/dance at home. The volunteers have done a fabulous job with this program. The girls are definitely going to be sad that tomorrow is the last day. I've been working out while the girls were at VBS and trying to get some errands done. My kickboxing class moved to a new building. They are still working on getting the AC working! I don't think I have sweated that much in a long time! It was so hot! The girls also had swimming lessons every night this week. (Not loving the MWR/Scott Pool lessons. We will be going back to the lessons offered by Ronin - cheaper and the girls learned much more!) The best part of this week was hearing Jeff's voice. I've talked to him twice today for maybe a total of 5 minutes, but it was great! He is doing good and sounds like he is enjoying it so far. They were part of a battle group picture with two aircraft carries, one frigate, two cruisers and four destroyers! He said it was a little nerve racking being that close to all those ships. I can't wait to see the picture!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Long weekend...

It was only 2 days, but this weekend was long! Two photo sessions and a brunch helped to make it better though. It ended with a search for plain green tshirts for the girls for Vacation Bible School. Not easy to find, by the way!

Friday, June 12, 2009


Apparently it is play time for all my kids! The girls are outside playing and the little one is kicking me! I thought I felt something last week when I was tieing the girls' shoes, but I wasn't sure. Today was repeated kicks! I guess the little one wanted to make its presence known!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Carrying on...

We are trudging through the first week without Jeff here. He has been gone for many 1,2 or 3 week outings since we moved here, but knowing that he won't be home for months is making it more difficult! The girls finished school on Monday so I've been trying to keep them busy. I convinced Madalyn that switching rooms would be fun and I figured we should do it now before she changed her mind! She had the bigger bedroom and didn't want to share with Amelia or the baby. So we moved Amelia into the bigger room and made a spot for the crib. Amelia was picking out toys that she thought the baby would like and put them in the crib. All the furniture is moved (and that may be why I'm so tired this week!) and almost all the pictures are hung up. I still need to help Madalyn organize (or throw away, my preference) her papers, artwork, etc. She is definitely a packrat! Tonight they have a babysitter so I can go to a photo session at the Barber's Point cottages. The weather looks like it is going to cooperate too!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Movies that make you cry...

You can add "Hannah Montana the Movie" to the list of movies that make you cry. Ok, maybe not everyone, but the movie made Amelia cry. It was too sweet!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Baby's First Outfit :)

Last weekend, we stopped by Children's Place and picked up something for the baby. I thought it was so cute and perfect to put in the baby's keepsake box.


After a long week of leaving, staying, leaving staying, the boat finally left on Friday. It was sad to see him leave but good for the guys to finally get the boat out to sea. The girls are handling it very well so far. I'm going to blame my crying on the pregnancy hormones! Today I'm much better and ready for the next 6 months to fly by! Last night we went to a "Wine & Whine" party. It was a very relaxing evening and a great way to take our minds off dad leaving!

Today I took the girls over to the Makalpa pool to play with the Perry girls. There was a rock wall and two diving boards. After seeing Elle jump in, Amelia decided that she could do it too. They had a great time. We even went to the McGrew pool after to let Madalyn swim some more. (The Makalapa pool goes up to 11 ft and Madalyn prefers to be able to touch although her swimming is getting much better).

Tomorrow the church is having a potluck and then we are taking the Perry girls to the Hannah Montana movie. Sounds fun!! :)

Monday, June 1, 2009


Today we had an ultrasound! Jeff was able to make it to the appointment too! We got to see the heart beating and the baby moving around. We could even see the little arms. The baby is measuring at 3.81 cm, 10 weeks, 4 days. That means we are on track for the due date of December 24th.
Our cute little alien :)