Saturday, September 26, 2009

Jeff Again :)

Of course, I have to add the latest Skype pictures of Jeff. These are from late August and early September.

Skyping from Sasebo

Skyping from Chinhae, South Korea
South Korean Money :)

Showing off the bed that he could lay down on sideways. Big deal after sleeping in a rack :)
The next pictures of Jeff may be interesting. The crew put in $500 to shave Jeff's head. Nice fundraiser for the Rec Committee. We'll see how he looks though!

Wives Dinner

This month the FRG wives went out to dinner at Duke's. We had a great time. The Pasadena Foundation gave us all leis and long stem roses. The food was great and some of the wives even entertained us with the hula! We ended the evening with Hula pie....yummy!

Amelia the Soccer Star

Amelia scored her first goal at her soccer game on September 19th! She was so excited. The girls had games at the same time and I had just walked over to Madalyn's game when she scored. She was so excited to give me a play by play of her big goal. She is getting pretty good. She runs as fast as she can but she is just not as aggressive as the other girls. She is getting better though. Always fun to watch her play!

Madalyn's Life Plans

Yes, Madalyn does indeed have life plans. She informed me the other day of her 3 job ideas (complete with where she would live!). The first job was a paleontologist living in Arizona. This probably comes from reading the dinosaur book that doesn't seem to ever leave the van. The second job was a scientist living in Washington D.C. The third job was a French chef living in France. The other day she upgraded the chef job. She now wants to own a French restaurant in France. If she can't own the restaurant, she wants to be the sous chef. Got to love her dreams :)

Bad Blogger...

Sorry! I have not been a good blogger lately. My 2nd trimester energy has come crashing down and I'm definitely feeling pregnant. I love seeing and feeling him move, but he is making things a little more difficult!

Amelia had her birthday party this month. After much debate, she decided on a Star Wars theme. We started off at the pool and then went inside the community center for some crafts. The kids made star shrinky dink magnets (if you don't know what shrinky dinks are, you are missing out!). Then they made light sabers out of pool noodles. Then the kids headed outside to test out the light sabers. Quite the sight! 18 kids running around with pool noodles. Amelia had a great time. At the end of the party, I had her sit with her eyes covered so I could bring out her big gift. My parents and I got her a Razor Rip Rider 360. Basically, it is a big wheel except the back wheels are little and spin around. Her friend Thomas had one and she really liked it. You should have seen her eyes the first time she spun around. Now she is an expert and spins around without even putting her feet down to stop. That girl is a daredevil! (pics soon)