Monday, November 30, 2009

Last Skype Pictures (at least from this deployment)

Jeff was in Yokosuka, Japan last week and we got to Skype. Here are a couple photos from his time there :)
This is where he was staying. They don't turn the heat on till
December 1st regardless of the temperature. He said it was very cold!!

Hurry Home Jeff!!

Baby Update!

Wow - I'm almost 37 weeks pregnant! I had a doctor's appointment today and she doesn't think I'll make it two more weeks. We'll see. I'm not getting my hopes up yet. My goal is to make it until Jeff gets back from deployment. I still have swollen feet which only go down if I lay on my side with my feet up higher than my head. Very comfortable...yeah right! I still need to pack my hospital bag and maybe pack an overnight bag for the girls in case I have the baby before Jeff gets back. Thank goodness for my great Navy friends! What a life saver they are!!

Madalyn's 9th Birthday!!

Madalyn celebrated her 9th birthday Egyptian style! She has been reading lots of books on the subject and decided she wanted an Egyptian party. We had a mummy wrapping race, colored bookmarks, made collars and belts and sculpted clay. They had a great time! Madalyn got to open her big present at the party - an Egyptian Play Mobile Pyramid. Huge hit :)

Baby Shower :)

Tonya hosted a wonderful baby shower for Rachel and I in the Orchids Restaurant at the Halekulani Hotel. It was a high tea with absolutely wonderful food. The view was beautiful and we got some great things for the baby. It was a very special day! Thanks Tonya!!

Happy Halloween!

(Trying to catch up on posts before the baby arrives!)

This year Madalyn decided to dress up as Cleopatra. Amelia decided to be King Kamehameha. Here is a link for those of you who don't know who that is!
They had a great night and got way too much candy!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Big Island Trip

I got home from Singapore on Thursday. On Friday, I took the girls and my parents to the Big Island. It was a good trip – hiked through a crater and lava tubes, watched lava flowing into the ocean, went to Black Sand Beach and some other stuff. When we got there, they didn’t have the rental vehicle that I reserved. They finally upgraded us to a 4x4 Ford Explorer – huge vehicle, uncomfortable drivers seat, badly designed 3rd row of seats – plus a gas guzzler. I was just happy to have a vehicle at that point. On the 2nd day, we sent down to Pahoa to watch the lava flow into the ocean. It was after dark when we left. I managed to hit a wild boar. Quite the thump!! There was no damage to the front of the vehicle – apparently, I ran over his head (2 puncture holes from his tusks in the tire) and that spun his body around to hit the side of the Explorer. While we were checking out the vehicle, someone apparently drug the boar off the road. The girls love telling everyone that I ran over a wild!